Some of my work

Research Statement PDF Download

Working Papers

“Fighting Against Hunger: A Country-Wide Intervention and its Impacton Birth Outcomes” (Job Market Paper) Abstract | Download
“Military interventions and obesity: evidence from Mexico’s Drug War” Abstract | Download
“Will Violent Crime Incentivize the Hiding of Small Firms?” Abstract | Download

Work in Progress

“The Effect of Universal Insurance on Health-Related Outcomes in Mexico” with Charles Courtemanche. Abstract
“Insurance Disenrollment and Informality: The Case of Seguro Popular in Mexico” Abstract
“Universal Health Insurance Budget Cuts and its Effect on Birth Related Outcomes in Mexico” Abstract
“Cigarette Package Health Warnings and Birth Related Outcomes: Evidence from Mexico” Abstract

Other Publications

"Estimation of potential revenue in the taxes on labor and capital income: a comparison between Mexico and the United States." Journal Remef - The Mexican Journal of Economics and Finance, Instituto Mexicano de Ejecutivos de Finanzas, Remef, October 2014. [Spanish] Abstract |Download